Harry Styles kissing a (male) fan


Harry isn’t afraid to do what he wants to do, and he’s not afraid to show just how appreciative he is of his fans — even if that means kissing another guy!

The unidentified male got his extra-special smooch on Sept. 24 in Australia, where One Direction is currently making stops on their world tour. So let’s be honest — that guy is never washing his cheek again!

The guy-on-guy love fest is really making Directioners swoon, with fans tweeting things like, “harry kissing a guy is the cutest thing ever” and “Harry kissing that guy for his photo just shows how sweet he is!”

Text from: Hollywood Life


One way or another fan version

Harry Styles at her mom’s wedding



The singer from the band One Direction, Harry Styles (19) walked her mom, Anne, down the aisle and served as best man. Witness said that the young singer cried during the ceremony. After that Styles sang Isn’t She Lovelyto her mom, is the same song that he performed during the X-factor audition.






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Harry Styles shirtless in Barcelona



The singer from the British band, Harry Styles (19). Has been seen having fun with some friends and family by the pool (and shirtless!) in his hotel of Barcelona, Spain, where One Direction performed.


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