Harry Styles kissing a (male) fan


Harry isn’t afraid to do what he wants to do, and he’s not afraid to show just how appreciative he is of his fans — even if that means kissing another guy!

The unidentified male got his extra-special smooch on Sept. 24 in Australia, where One Direction is currently making stops on their world tour. So let’s be honest — that guy is never washing his cheek again!

The guy-on-guy love fest is really making Directioners swoon, with fans tweeting things like, “harry kissing a guy is the cutest thing ever” and “Harry kissing that guy for his photo just shows how sweet he is!”

Text from: Hollywood Life


A fire in Liam’s apartment



On Tuesday evening, while Liam and some friends were making a BBQ a fire broke in Liam’s apartment. The fire started around 9:00pm. One of Liam’s friend, called Andy, was rushed to hospital and he’s still there for severe burns. Liam and the others weren’t injured.


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Tammin Sursock (PLL) is having a girl



“Nearly there…. #baby #girl”

The Pretty Litlle Liars actress Tammin Sursock (30) (aka Jenna) is expecting a girl with her husband Sean McEwen. Her due date is on October2013. The actress instagramed her baby bump to announce that she is having a baby girl.