Popular song (Ft. Ariana Grande) by MIKA


Justin Bieber calling a fan


Nina Dobrev shows her amazing body


Nina Dobrev (24) showed off her amazing bikini body while having a girl’s vacation in Miami with Julianne Hough (24). She was wearing a floral bikini, natural beachy waves.


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Elle UK cover: Miley Cyrus



“We have a house together and dogs. It just seems right to be wearing this ring and to be committed. But we keep our relationship low-key and don’t talk about it any more.”


“We were too nice to the world and gave them too much insight — into my life and my puppies and my house –- and I just don’t feel they get that privilege any more. Like on my Twitter, I’m much more . . . not conservative, but you don’t see a picture of my dogs. You don’t get that personal stuff any more.”


“I feel like it’s sometimes like doing an album, like you don’t want to cut the songs you do like but you can only choose a few. I feel like there’s so many options and outfits and pictures that you end up really wanting. I’m glad I don’t have to edit through the photos!” Miley said during the behind the scene video of the photoshoot.


Radio Disney Music Awards Winners


Best Music Group: One Direction

Biggest Viral Artist: Austin Mahone

Song Of The Year: “I Knew You Were Trouble,” Taylor Swift

Best Male Artist: Justin Bieber

Best Female Artist: Selena Gomez

Best Crush Song: “Had Me @ Hello,” Olivia Holt

Best Acoustic Performance: “Ready Or Not,” Bridgit Mendler

Funniest Celebrity Take: “Sandwich Rap,” Coco Jones

Best Music Video: “Heard It On The Radio,” Ross Lynch

Fiercest Fans: One Direction

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=eWk_878Ohk4%5D


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Justin and Selena offically together?


Justin Bieber (19) posted a new picture on his Instagram account, where we can see Selena Gomez (20) hugging him and it seems that both of them are naked. The caption of the photo is: “ ‘You’ve been makin music for too long babe come cuddle’ – her”. That might confirm that they are back together, the only problem is that in this picture Justin doesn’t have his new tattoos, so this photo may be old.

Boston Bombing Victim Adrianne Haslet: ‘I Thought My Life Was Over’

Hollywood Life

Professional dancer Adrianne lost her leg from below the ankle during the Boston Marathon bombing, and in a new interview she reveals she didn’t know she was hurt until her husband showed her the horror of her injury.

Adrianne Haslet is truly inspiring. The 32-year-old professional dancer and her Afghanistan war veteran husband Adam Davis were watching the Boston Marathon on April 15, when they were both blown off their feet by the second bomb. Adrienne said it was “so scary,” but thankfully she and her husband landed together, when she made a terrifying realization.

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Just Bieber gets two new tattoos.


Canadian singer Justin Bieber inked two new tattoos in his left arm; he already tattooed a “Koi Fish” at the beginning of the week in the same zone. Now he has got a tiger in the top of the arm, and a sexy woman, who looks like Selena Gomezwith wings making it look like an angel.

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Katy Perry and The Smurfs 2 + new album


Katy Perry (28) went to the Smurf premiere in Cancun, Mexico, where se presented the new movie The Smurfs 2 on the blue carpet. During the press conference the singer told the audience that she’s working on a new album, but she doesn’t know when it will come out.

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Reese Witherspoon and her husband in jail.


Reese Witherspoon (37) and her husband, James Toth, were arrested because James was driving while intoxicated in Atlanta, Ga. Reese was taken in for  disorderly conduct with the police officers, whereas her husband was arrested for DUI. Both of them were briefly jailed, and were released on a bond early on the morning.

Robert Pattinson (26), who shot Water for Elephants with her, said he felt really bad for her but he will not try to contact her he is just happy that nobody got hurt.


Miley Cyrus sexy and ¿single?


Miley Cyrus (20) was seen going shopping in Los Angeles, with a cute sexy outfit. She was wearing  short shorts, black top and red lips, the only thing she forgot was her engagement ring. That seems to confirm the rumours that say that her wedding with Liam Hemsworth (23) is off.

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Justin Bieber has a new Tattoo


The Canadian singer Justin Bieber (19) added a new tattoo to his personal collection, he has already 13 tattoos. He inked it in his left arm, and it’s a “Koi Fish“, that means “good fortune and good luck“.

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